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Socks, Scarves, and…food.

May 3, 2008

Another sock down!

These are the Waving Lace (Ravelry link) socks from Favorite Socks by Evelyn Clark. Very pretty lace pattern, not too difficult to memorize – once you do a repeat or two, it becomes pretty intuitive. I started these almost a year ago, then they sat in the back of my truck for about six months. I don’t want to get too self congratulatory about finishing ONE though – because, again, it is ONE sock – my third completed single sock, and the whole reason I finished this one was so I could start another. I only have one set of size 1 dpns, and I wouldn’t let myself buy another pair. I think I’m finally getting the hang of kitchener stitch, which is nice – I don’t think I’ll ever really enjoy it, but I don’t dread it as much.

Here is what I needed the needles for:

I LOVE these colors! I’m just doing a k3p1 rib – keeping it simple to show off these awesome stripes.

Here’s an interesting thing I’ve learned while making these socks. I have always used 5 dpns to knit in the round – I don’t know why, that’s just what I started doing and have ever since. But on these, I started with 4 – mostly because I couldn’t get the stitches distributed on four needles to satisfy me (I always try to have the same number of stitches on each needle – I don’t know why, especially with a pattern this simple, but it really bugs me to have an uneven number of stitches). So I started knitting with four, and then determined to get over my hangup about the even number of stitches and added the fifth needles. And guess what? I really liked knitting with four better – it seemed like there was less needles-in-my-way action than usual. So maybe this will be a permanent change – we’ll see!

I also have some (old) progress on the Lace Ribbon scarf – I haven’t worked on it in a couple of weeks, but I worked on it feverishly for about a week previously to that:

And a closeup:

I’m almost through the first ball of Silky Wool. This is a lovely pattern – it will be a very pretty scarf when finished.

And check out this bad boy – this has been my car knitting for almost two years now:

I have almost exclusively worked on it when working at offsite book sales for work – it’s just a plain ol’ feather and fan pattern in Knitpicks Shine Sport – it merely needs to be cast off and blocked. I should do that today – the evenings are still a little cool, and I might actually get some wear out of this before it gets too hot.

I’m seriously considering going to the yarn store today – there is not a bit of yarn that I need, I have more than enough projects to keep me going for quite some time – but we got our “economic incentive” checks yesterday, and while the greater majority of it will be going to pay off our credit card (sorry, W.), I think a little yarny goodness would not be out of order.

Our other treat for ourselves is going to be two meals out in a row. When hubby took a job for considerably less money but without constant travel about a year ago, one of our budget cuts was in the dining out category. We used to eat out about five times a week (seriously). So I started cooking lots more and we’ve saved a bunch of money. I have a rolling schedule of several things I make:

Spaghetti with Turkey Italian Sausage

Jerk Chicken

Tuscan Chicken Sausage Stew (this one is my favorite – so delicious and so easy)

Red Beans and Rice or Jambalaya with Turkey Smoked Sausage (the Zatarain’s stuff that comes in a box – it’s pretty good)

Broiled fish (usually Tilapia or Salmon)

(You’ll notice a lot of the turkey meats in there – I almost never cook or eat red meat. It started out as a diet thing, but I’ve gotten to where I prefer the turkey or chicken versions of meats)

And I’ll usually try one new recipe a week. And one night is frozen pizza night (we both love frozen pizzas – crazy, huh?), then one night a week we will hit one of our favorite restaurants. It’s always ethnic – either Mexican, Chinese (I love Chinese food and would eat it every night if I could), Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, or Indian (the last two rarely because they are more expensive).

But this weekend, we are eating out twice! We had Korean last night – a tiny little restaurant on Limestone called Han Woo Ri – any Lexington knitters would probably recognize it because it’s right next door to ReBelle – next time you are there and hungry, stop in, because it is DELICIOUS. Don’t go if you are in a hurry – it’s kind of slow. From what I can tell, Mom and Pop do the cooking, and they cook one order at a time. But oh, it’s worth the wait. I always get Pajeon – kind of like a pancake stuffed with onions, carrots, and squid. This time hubby got the Dol Sot Bibimbap (I think I’ve got the spelling right) which is a stone bowl that comes out steaming and full of rice, veggies, meat, and an egg, and you squish it all up with sesame and red chili oil and it cooks further right in the bowl. Plus we got some dumplings. All that for less than $30, and I was stuffed.

Tonight, we’re thinking maybe sushi – that’s a real treat because it is soooo expensive. But soooo delicious. My favorite is white tuna sashimi, but I like pretty much all of it. We usually get four pieces and four rolls; we both have our favorites. Hubby has to have a philly roll, and I have to have “white tuna delight” (california roll with white tuna laid over – I told you I loved the white tuna!), then we’ll mix it up for the rest.

I am totally getting hungry talking about all this food – I think I may have to go get some lunch!


Yarn diet

January 19, 2008

So it has come to this. I have always scoffed internally a little bit when I would read on the knitlist or Ravelry about people going on yarn diets – I would think, “Why deny yourself something that gives you so much pleasure?” However, with at least two vacations looming, and our credit card debt looming even larger, something had to go. I don’t really buy all that much yarn, but it’s an easy way to save a few bucks between now and March when said vacations will happen. Bobby and I will be taking a weekend trip with the dogs – I think we are going to rent a cabin somewhere near Natural Bridge like we did a couple of years ago, and then my yearly trip with my girlfriends will be this spring, too. So saving money is the order.

In fact, I went to a yarn store TODAY with my mom and did not buy a single skein – I’m so proud of myself!

It’s not like I don’t have enough yarn to get me through a few months, anyway – I have all of my UFOs, plus yarn already purchased for the following projects:

1. Robin’s Egg Blue Hat from I Dream of Knitting or Banana Republic Knockoff Hat – on Craftster by Metaphysical Muse (they are pretty similar)

2. Some sort of snowflake hat – maybe the appropriately named Snowflake Hat from Carissa Knits

3. The ubiquitous Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

4. Tempting from Knitty

5. Some black laceweight that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with yet – perhaps a Pi Shawl? I want to make some sort of shawl but I’m not sure what yet.

6. Several skeins of sock yarn

7. Plus the usual unassigned stash yarn that could be who knows what.

And, I really want to finish some UFOs that have been languishing about the house for about forever. I’m thisclose to being done with my Melon Scarf – probably just about half a dozen more pattern repeats and I’m done. I made good on my promise to make that my football knitting last weekend, and knit about 60 rows. And boy, could I feel that in my hands the next day!

I don’t think I’m going to do any edging – I think I like it just the way it is. I’m a little intimidated about blocking it – I’ve not block a major lace project before, so it will be interesting. I really wish I had some blocking wires – I think that would make the whole shebang a whole lot easier.

I also finally busted out my yarn winder that I got for Christmas – and let me tell you, even without a swift, that baby is a life changer. Once I got my system down (using the back of a chair as a pseudo-swift) and my tension right, I wound 2 skeins of laceweight in about 15 minutes. Waaaaaaay faster than my old method of wrapping it around my knees and doing it by hand, that’s for sure!

More football tomorrow, so more good knitting time. I didn’t do so hot on my picks last week – I picked both the Colts and the Cowboys to win, and neither did. That’s fine with me, though – I’ve been rooting for a Patriots/Packers Superbowl all along, and unless things go terribly awry tomorrow, I think that is what we will get. And if that is the case, I’ll pretty much be happy with whomever wins – I’d love to see Favre get another ring, but an unbeaten season for the Pats would be pretty cool, too!


January 12, 2008

Almost done with Quant – and just in time, some pictures!

This picture is kind of terrible – I’m not that great of a photographer, our camera kind of sucks, the natural light in our house is really bad, and I was too cold to go outside. But here is a cool closeup:

This has really been a fun project – I’m almost done – just have to finish the rest of the i-cord strap. I used mightbekatrina’s (Ravelry username) modifications to make the ends match up – as written, the finished project has very different looking ends. I kept telling myself that it didn’t matter, since the ends would be under my hair, but I was very glad to see mods posted on mightbekatrina’s project page on Ravelry (I would link to her page, but Ravelry seems to be down for maintenance at the moment) – so thank you very much for sharing!

I also took this out to take some new perhaps not quite so sucky photographs:

My Melon Scarf from Victorian Lace Today – and realized I hadn’t touched it in months. I LOVE this scarf, but it’s a little tedious. But I’m busting it back out today – it’s going to be my football knitting!


Three things I am pretty darn excited about

January 10, 2008

1. I just purchased my copy of The Sweet Far Thing today – the third in the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray. I can’t wait to start it, but I am re-reading the first two books in the trilogy first – I just finished A Great and Terrible Beauty this morning, and am a few chapters into Rebel Angels right now. Seriously, these books are so much fun – I wish they were around when I was a teen to read them. They have it all – romance, magic, mystery – and they are set in Victorian England – really, what more could you ask for? AND – the third one is HUGE – I love big fat juicy books like this – guess what I’ll be doing all day Saturday??

2. I can totally do entrelac. For reals, y’all. I’ll almost done with Quant from the new Knitty – I don’t have a picture yet, though. Slacker, I know – it hasn’t been sunny enough on a day that I’m off to take pictures, and our house isn’t so much with the natural light. But you know what? As it turns out, entrelac is not that hard. Yes, it is fiddly – I won’t lie – there’s lots of turning your work around, but it is so much fun to see those little diamonds pop up! Plus, this pattern is so good – if you have never done entrelac, I highly recommend it – it is very, very clear and straightforward. It doesn’t seem to make sense – you’re all like, “Do what?” – but just do exactly what the pattern says and you will be good to go.

I’m extra excited about this because it was one of my Fearless Knitting goals (as mentioned in Knitting Daily and on Ravelry – if I am successful and not too much of a interwebs moron, there should be a button on that sidebar over there proclaiming my total fearlessness), along with colorwork. If colorwork is this easy and fun, I am golden for knitting goals in 2008!

3. I don’t have to work at all this weekend, including Sunday, when I thought I did, so it is NFL playoffs all weekend for me!!! And yes, I really am excited about this – I love football, and I love to knit and watch football. So for the record, here are my picks (no spread, just winners):

AFC Divisional
Jacksonville/New England – um. Let me think. New England? I don’t think it will be an easy one – Jacksonville is the team that everyone keeps saying no one wants to meet in the playoffs, but I think they are going down. I don’t know if anyone can stop the Patriots.

San Diego/Indianapolis – a little tougher to pick, but I’m going with Indy. I don’t think the Colts will let the Chargers beat them again, and Harrison should be back, so Indy it is.

NFC Divisional
New York Giants/Dallas – Dallas. Manning and co. looked good last week, but Dallas has something to prove after the last couple of weeks. Although if T.O. isn’t healthy, I may eat these words!

Seattle/Green Bay – I refuse to live in a world where the Packers don’t win this game, so I’m picking Green Bay. I love Brett Farve and really, really want him to get back to the Superbowl this year. My team (Denver) was out of playoff contention forever ago, so I’m pulling (almost against my better nature – I’m an AFC gal) for the Pack to go all the way.

We’ll see how I do – I called three out of four last weekend (I really thought Washington was on a roll).

Enjoy the playoffs if you watch ’em – if not, enjoy your weekend!