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Oh, dear.

December 10, 2007

How embarrassing.  Three and a half months since I’ve blogged.

To be honest, I’m not at all surprised – this is the very reason I’ve avoided starting a blog – because I know me, and how I can get fired up about something, then basically forget it completely after a while.  Like blogging!

So I won’t make any rash promises about blogging every day (yeah right) or even once a week (probably not) but try to do better.

So, since I last wrote, I’ve been to England:

Canterbury Cathedral

Finished some UFOs:


(There are two in that picture – Branching Out and Le Slouch),

Plus Fetching,

Le Slouch II
And another Le Slouch,

and of course, started some new projects:


That’s the only one I have a photo of so far (it’s a generic pair of mittens) – I’m also working on the Palindrome scarf, a cabled hat, Koolhaas  (from the winter IK), and of course other random assorted UFOs.

And you know, y’all, Christmas is coming and I don’t think I’m knitting a single gift.  I don’t want to stress over it.  I work in retail – that’s stressful enough.  I knit to relax – I don’t want that to become stressful, too.  Although to be completely accurate, I am knitting one gift – a hat for my friend Charlie, who recently sent me a whole stack of knitting books – but that’s unrelated to Christmas – it’s just a “You are totally awesome, thank you so much” gift.  Oh, and I am making a hat for my niece for Christmas, which I better get back on.  So, ok, not MUCH Christmas knitting!

If I don’t blog before the New Year (which I will try to!) my next post will be my 2007 reading wrap up.  I’ve copied my husband this year – for the past several years he has kept what he calls a “reading log” – basically just a list of all the books he reads in a given year, along with when he finished them.  Well, I did the same thing this year, and I’ll share that list, along with my favorites from it.  I’ll let you know right now, it’s long – I read fast and I read a lot!

P.S.  One last note – I find it slightly ironic that the only words WordPress’ spell checker picked up on when I just ran it were “blog” and “blogging!”


Etc., etc.

July 28, 2007

So, I finished the very last Harry Potter a few days ago – so. perfect. Despite the expected tinge of sadness over it being the last one, I was fairly elated when I finished it. Really, she wrapped it up perfectly. I won’t go into details for those of you who haven’t read it, but really, I’m not sure if she could have ended it better. Yes, there were deaths – some more poignant than others, but deaths with meaning. And the resolution of one story line in particular – we’ll say for the character whose name rhymes with Drape – was most satisfying. I’m thinking about reading it all over again – the last two hundred pages in particular were so full of action and revealments that I really don’t think I got it all!

My husband and I were discussing the whole Harry Potter phenomenon recently, and wondering if there would ever be anything to equal it. I think not. Working at the party at my bookstore, I was struck (again) by the sheer incredibility of it all – all these thousands of people lining up – old and young – for a BOOK. Not for the i-phone, or to see a celebrity, but for a book. Being in line with those kids, and watching the joy on their faces as they received their book – trust me, any cynicism subsides. It’s pretty amazing, and an experience I’m glad to have been a part of.

Not much news on the knitting front – I’ve started KnitPicks Dappled Lace Cafe Curtain:

And as you can see, I’ve not gotten very far (although I am about four rows past what is pictured). I’m using the recommended yarn – KnitPicks Shine Sport, in the same color, even – it matches the room the curtain is intended for. The only change I’ve made is to go up a needle size from what is recommended – I’m a very tight knitter and generally have to do that. The pattern is simple – although I managed to insert an extra stitch at the end of a row somehow.

I’ve managed to contract startitis – I was doing pretty well for a while, not letting myself start new projects, but all of a sudden I keep getting distracted by other projects. I don’t know why I haven’t finished my Chocolate Creme top – I’m soooooo close. But then I start on that stockinette and do two rows before I get bored. One of these days…

Next weekend I’m going to Nashville with my two girlfriends – we take a long weekend trip every spring or summer, and Nashville is this year’s winner. We have previously gone to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and D.C. It’s scandalously fun:

This is us in D.C. at an 80’s bar – a night of much imbibing. I think this photo was taken fairly early in the evening. We all look a little too bright eyed for it to be too late! This is a tradition I’m so glad we have carried on – I hope we do for the rest of our lives. It’s so fun to get away with the girls and gossip and shop and sightsee and yes, drink a little. I’m lucky enough to live in the same city with these awesome gals, so I see them pretty regularly, but it’s still great to get away. The one on the right is the one who is finally granting my lifelong dream to be a bridesmaid!

And planning for England continues – I’ve checked out Pauline Frommer‘s London guide from work, and I think it’s going to be extremely helpful. She’s got some great ideas to help cut costs, and notes some attractions that you might not necessarily think of. I picked that one because I met her at this years Bluegrass Festival of Books – she is super-sweet and her books sound just like her. It’s like having one of your (extremely well-traveled) girlfriends give you travel tips. So I highly recommend them – if you are going to one of the cities she’s got a guidebook for (they are listed on the website), get one!

Rule Brittania!

July 25, 2007

I’m going to England, people!

In just six short weeks I’ll be in the UK – I can’t wait!  This will be our second trip – we went two years ago for the first time and it was wonderful.  This trip will be great because we won’t have to rush around quite so much and be in such a huge hurry to see everything.

It came together pretty quickly – my husband and I have been trying to decide what to do for our vacation for weeks now, and England just kept coming up.  It wouldn’t even be an option if we didn’t have tons of hotel points and could stay for free.

Now it’s time to start planning – that’s almost as much fun as going!  Picking out all the stuff we want to see, places we want to eat, etc.  Some things that are definitely on the list:

1.  More museums.  We only went to the Tate Britain last time (I wanted to see the Pre-Raphaelites).  The British Museum, the National Gallery, Tate Modern – some or all of these!
2.  Sir John Soane’s museum, particularly – I’ve heard nothing but cool stuff about this place.

3.  Hyde Park – we went there before, of course, but it is beautiful and I want to go back.

4.  Dickens house – I’m a fan.

There’s more I can’t think of right now, but I’ll be hitting the travel books and asking for suggestions, too.

What should I take to knit?