Saturdays are for blogging

I seem to have settled into a “blog on Saturdays” groove – I would like to blog more often, but it seems like Saturdays are the only time I can squeeze it in. I usually work til 6 during the week – and by the time we relax for a few minutes, eat dinner, and walk & feed the dogs, it’s nine or ten o’clock and I’m not so into blogging. But I’m off on Saturdays (usually) and hubby works, so that’s my time to blog.

Today I’m not exactly working – but I get to do something really cool. My work does a “jeans for charity” every month – inspired by the Komen Foundation‘s jeans for charity that they publicize for breast cancer awareness month. We did that a few years ago, and it was such a hit, we pick a different charity every month and employees pay $5 to wear jeans to work (normally they are not allowed to wear jeans) and the proceeds go to charity.

So last month’s charity was the Primate Rescue Center – a local outfit that rescues and rehabilitates primates. They were kind enough to invite us out to present a check for our donation, so I get to visit! The first time I heard about the Primate Rescue Center, I thought, “huh? In Kentucky?” But it’s true – it is a nationally respected facility that does some amazing work with primates and chimps. I met with a representative from the facility who told me that most of their residents are rescued pets – unsurprisingly, after infancy, they don’t make such good pets, and adopting one usually means receiving an animal that has been forcibly removed from its mother, and placing it in a situation that is incredibly unhealthy – chimps and primates are very social creatures and need contact with other animals of their own kind. Check out their website to learn more – and I’ll fill you in on the details of my visit next week!

Not much interesting knitting has been happening this week – although I did pick up my Shetland Triangle night before last to work on it some more – I’m so close to done, but I needed a break. My mistake was picking it up to work on it on a day where I had to be at work at 6:30 a.m. and worked straight through until 6:00 p.m. Turns out lace when you’re tired is not such a good idea. I messed up somehow right in the middle of the shawl – and I could not figure out what I did. I think my clumsy attempts to repair made the situation worse, so I set it down to go back to when I wasn’t so tired.

Well, the next night, I tried to tink back to the spot of the foul, to use a football analogy, and still couldn’t fix it, so I tinked back another row (keep in mind that the shawl is now over 200 stitches across at this point) and STILL couldn’t fix it, so I had to rip back to my lifeline. I had gotten rather cocky at this point in the shawl, and my life line was TEN ROWS BACK. Sigh. That will teach me to move my lifeline more frequently. I would feel worse about it, but I’m really proud of this shawl, and really want it to be perfect, so I guess it’s not so bad.

I also cast on for Tempting – in the 32″, but haven’t done a whole lot on that. That’s going to be my tv/movie watching piece, and considering we don’t do a whole lot of either, that piece might take a while.

I purchased some yummy Cascade Sierra at ReBelle a while back with no clear idea what do to with it – I just loved the color (kind of a deep periwinkle) so much I had to pick up a couple skeins. I had been admiring some of the finished Lutea Shells on Ravelry and thought that might be a good use for it. They also had a beautiful lace scarf on display made with Hempathy – I had never used it before, and the pattern only took two balls, so I’m going to give that a shot one of these days. You can see the actual scarf that is in the shop here – I wanted that color, but it wasn’t available so I went with pink.

And, I finally finished this:

I cast off and blocked it and wore it this week. I have to say, I love the Shine. It is so nice and soft against the skin. I use wool all the time, and love it, but there is a little bit of an itch factor for me. I definitely wouldn’t call it an allergy, but after a few hours of wearing it, it’s noticeable. But the Shine, which is cotton and modal, is as soft and as non-itchy as it can possibly be. I do wish this scarf was a bit longer – but I was making it out of leftovers, and it was all I had. I definitely see some more projects with this yarn in my future.

I picked up the new IK at work this week – once I hear on Ravelry that subscribers are getting theirs or people are picking them up in the shops, I stalk the magazine shelves daily. It’s always an exercise in frustration, because we always get our copies a few days late, so I just make myself crazy. But it finally came in, and sadly, I’m not too excited about any of the projects. There is lots of colorwork, which is not really my thing, and I’m not generally to crazy about summer knits anyway. I do like the Drawstring Raglan – if not the $80 it would cost to make it in the required yarn. I’m going to see what folks sub on Ravelry that might be a little more cost effective. I also like a couple of the lace projects, but I don’t see me making them. I really don’t make much out of IK anyway – but I love to look at the picture and read the patterns!

I got new contacts this week – I had been out for some time (I wear one month disposables) and holding on to my last pair for way too long. So I went to the eye doctor, and found out that while my nearsightedness is about the same, my what used to be slight astigmatism is now far more advanced. And what a difference the new contacts make! It’s funny how you just get used to kind of not being able to see really well, and the huge change when you can. I really need new glasses now, too – I wear them pretty frequently, and now that I have the new contacts, the change is very easily discernible. But they are soooooo expensive – since I do wear them fairly frequently, I want nice ones, so we are probably talking a few hundred dollars here. Gah.

We’ve been blessed with another beautiful day today – sunny and 62 degrees is what my thermometer reads right now. I think it might be time to take the dogs for a walk – or, to be honest, time to let the dogs drag me around the neighborhood. One person walking two dogs with a combined weight of 150 pounds – I imagine it’s pretty entertaining to look at. Hopefully we won’t run into any cats or squirrels – both have a tendency to lunge at those creatures, and Petey can just about rip my arm out when he does. We really need to get them into training and teach them both to heel – one of these days, I guess!

One Response to “Saturdays are for blogging”

  1. Octopus Knits Says:

    Your feather and fan scarf is beautiful. I really love the color!
    The “jeans for charity” idea is great – have fun at the Primate Rescue Center : )

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