It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Nope, not Christmas. Right now. I am LOVING this weather – sunny, blue skies, warm…you couldn’t ask for better weather. Plus everything is so green right now – all that rain we had in early spring has really paid off. Our cherry tree is almost done with its blooming, but our pink dogwood is about to be full bloom and it is just gorgeous.

I sat outside and knit for a bit earlier today – this is my view from the bench in the backyard:

Not bad, eh? You can just see the dogwood peeking out on the left. And our crappy, patchy grass on the bottom – having two dogs that love to chase does not do wonders for your lawn, let me tell you. And that’s Ruby chilling in the lower left corner. The dogs are enjoying the weather, too –

That’s Miss Ruby (or as I’ve been calling her lately, Rubo-Tuber – I think I’ve mentioned before my silly dog nicknames – fortunately, they both answer to about anything) – and Petey:

We let them out and they run like crazy around the yard for about 60 seconds, go pee, then flop on the grass and chill.

And hey, guess what? It’s picture time, kids!! How about some pretty sock yarn?

On bottom is the Online I mentioned last post – I just love those colors. On top is some of the new Kureyon sock yarn I picked up in Cincinnati yesterday – I was there for three days for work and thought it would be a damn shame if I didn’t hit a yarn shop! One More Stitch on Madison, by the way, if you are in the area. It’s a really nice little shop – lots of needlepoint supplies in addition to a pretty good yarn selection. Lots of Rowan and other higher end yarns, and some stuff I hadn’t seen anywhere else (that of course I can’t remember now).

I wanted to try the Kureyon sock even though I’d heard mixed reviews. I just love their colors, and the scratchiness of it doesn’t bother me too much. What did was the $19 price tag – that’s kind of a lot (for me) for a ball of sock yarn, but I decided to splurge and treat myself. Now I have to pick a pattern – I’ve been preliminarily nosing around on Ravelry and can’t really decide what to do. The OnLine I’m going to just do a simple K3P1 rib, but I want something with a little more visual interest for the Noro. Maybe Broadripple? I’m a little scared of the Chevron socks since my Jaywalker experience. I love the look of the Jays, but they were just not elastic enough.

Speaking of socks, I have a decent picture of my first finished Canterbury Cable Sock:

It’s kind of hard to take a picture of your own foot! I really like this sock – it’s good and stretchy and really comfy – the Treking Pro Natura is really soft – the bamboo content, I’m guessing. I’ve got a couple inches of the cuff done on the second one.

Now, my early progress on the Montego Bay Scarf I blogged about last time:

This picture is kind of shady, so the colors aren’t coming through great, but it looks like it’s going to do that zig-zaggy flashing thing that variegated yarns seem to do. Plus these colors are really kind of not me. I pretty much have a no-yellow rule in my life (yellow+olive skin=jaundice, at least in my case), and this has more yellow than I thought it would. But – it kind of looks like something my mom might like – so it might be destined to be hers. We’ll see.

I’ll have some more project photos to post next time – don’t want to spend them all in one post!

A question for anyone who has made Tempting and might be reading this, or who has more experience knitting clothing and with ease – I am precisely in between two sizes – the first size is for a 32″ bust, the second is for a 36″ – I’m a 34. Should I make the 32 for two inches negative ease, or the 36 for two inches positive? I’m thinking the 32 since it is ribbed and stretchy – but I don’t want it to look too stretchy! I’m certain I will have to add length, because I’m tall and long waisted, but that is easy enough.

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3 Responses to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

  1. wardogmarine Says:

    Great looking yard and an even better looking dog!

  2. rkray3 Says:

    Thanks! They are my pride and joy!

  3. Deedee Says:

    Great pics Rachel! One thing I miss about KY are the very deep backyards. You get a little patch of ground where I’m at, but hey, I’m not going to complain…Scooter dug me out two patches for some vegetable garden beds!
    As for ‘Tempting’, I’d be more inclined to go with the 32″, but to be on the safe side, maybe you could contact Jenna via email and ask her?

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