Now with pictures!

Hey, I have some knitting to show! How about that ubiquitous Lace Ribbon scarf that everyone is knitting?

I haven’t worked on this in a couple of weeks – the weather turned really warm and gorgeous, and I lost all my impetus to knit a scarf – even a “spring” scarf. But we’re supposed to have a cool snap this weekend, so maybe I’ll pick it back up.

I’ve been wanting to knit a pair of super-cozy and warm footies to wear around the house – I’m one of those perpetually cold people, and I use a space heater most of the year. So I found a pattern in the new book Knitalong by Larissa Golden Brown (Socks 101) that looked like it might work with some leftover Malabrigo I have lying around. The progress so far:

I don’t have enough in any one color to complete the pattern, so these are probably going to be total Frankenstein socks. That’s Vaa and Stonechat (I think), and I have a partial ball of a navy blue that will go in to the next sock. I am fully aware that these will pill like crazy, but I don’t care. They are soooooo soft and I can’t wait to pull them on!

Finally, I started the Flame Wave Socks from Favorite Socks in the recommended yarn (a rarity for me), Cascade Fixation.

Knitting with Fixation is…interesting. If you’ve never used it before, it’s cotton and elastic and verrrry stretchy. Figuring out what tension to use has been tricky, and for some reason, I have been dropping stitches like crazy. I never drop stitches, so I’m totally blaming it on the yarn. It’s really soft yarn, though, and is knitting up quickly (when I’m not fixing dropped stitches) since it’s sport weight. After perusing other pairs on Ravelry (how much do you love that you can do that now?) I followed a couple of other knitters’ suggestions and am doing yarnovers instead of m1s for the increases. It makes a lacier, prettier sock (IMHO), and I do yarnovers a lot faster than m1s. How much, by the way, does that ball of Fixation look like an apple? After I started knitting these socks, I got an incredible craving for Granny Smith Apples, and got a few the next time I went to the grocery.

Also, I don’t have a FO picture, but I finished the first of the baby cable socks I mentioned post before last. I’ve decided to name them – since I did sort of make them up. Henceforth, they will be known as the Canterbury Cable Socks – since I knit a large portion of the first one on the train to Canterbury. I have also cast on for the second one, hoping to one day have a complete pair of socks to wear, instead of just singles.

Yep, I’ve totally got the sock knitting bug again. I’ve queued up a bunch of new patterns in Ravelry, and having dreams of handpainted sock yarn. I’m dying to try Socks that Rock…but $19 a skein for 360 yards. I’m not even sure if I can make a pair out of one skein – I have pretty big feet. But, oh, the colorways. I may sneak by the yarn store after work today and see what they’ve got in pretty sock yarns.

Speaking of work, I have to be there in an hour and still have to feed the dogs and get ready! Happy weekend!

One Response to “Now with pictures!”

  1. wishiwerebuffy Says:

    I love the scarf!

    I’ve went from a sock knitting bug recently to a toy knitting bug. I have had a desire to knit every toy I see. Go figure!

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