Chinese Buffet of Doooooom…

I don’t know why, but I love the Chinese buffet. Give me rows of shiny, lukewarm, mediocre Chinese food and I’m as happy as a clam. Or a shrimp – which I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in tonight. Yes, tonight hubby and I went to the #1 China Buffet – the source of my current discomfort. I am soooooooo full – why do I do this to myself? Every time we go, I tell myself not to fill up so much – have one less crab rangoon, three or four fewer Chinese donuts (oh, man, I love those things – I dump a couple extra sugar packets on them) – but I cannot do it.

And I always eat the same things in the same order. First platefull is the appetizer-type food – and the stuff I eat the most of. Crab rangoon, fried shrimp, sweet and sour chicken (without that red sauce, though), something our buffet calls “Rainbow Cheese” but I always call “Rainbow Fish” because of the kids book by Marcus Pfister (seriously, how they came up with this name, I don’t know – it appears to be primarily made of imitation crab, butter, and cream cheese), home fries (no, I don’t know why the Chinese buffet has home fries, but they are mighty tasty) and frog legs, if they have them, which they don’t always. And I have to have my special dipping sauce -2 parts duck sauce, 1 part spicy mustard, dash of soy sauce.

Then, I hit the main foods table – a bit of veggie lo mein, some steamed rice with mushrooms and oyster sauce, a dumpling, and usually some random chicken thing. And one piece of sushi, so I can convince myself again that Chinese buffet sushi is not good.

Then it’s time for dessert – and that’s all about Chinese donuts. Fried dough with sugar – how can you go wrong? Well, maybe by eating three of them…

Seriously, I feel like a beached whale…and soooooo thirsty. Perhaps from all that soy sauce, I don’t know.

We did make it to our party last night, despite the fact that hubby kept telling me we were taking our life into our own hands going out on the icy roads. Fortunately, the main roads were just fine, and nowhere was as bad as our own street. It just got plowed this morning. Of course, the temperature went up to over 40 degrees, so it’s practically all melted now.

And, I finished my lace hat – it is so cute, y’all. No pictures yet, but I’ll show and tell next time. I’m right now trying to make up some matching wrist warmers – wish me luck!

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One Response to “Chinese Buffet of Doooooom…”

  1. Deedee Says:

    Ohhh Rachel, was it the restaurant on Richmond Rd.? I loved that place!!! I think it’s down by Burlington Coat Factory?
    Can’t wait to see pics of your lace hat!!

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