Snowed in!

Well, not really – but when I got up this morning, it looked like this:

Kind of ironic, since my last post was all about it maybe being spring! I knew, however, that it wouldn’t last – we ALWAYS get a few super-warm days then a real cold stretch in March. Last year, it actually came later – more like April, right after our dogwood (the tree in the foreground of the picture above) started to bloom. And of course, the freeze killed every single bud. I was so sad – I love that dogwood – it’s a pink one, and just gorgeous when it is in bloom:

So you can see why I missed it!

It’s not like the snow was a surprise this morning – the weather folks had been telling us for days that we might get dumped on. It was actually kind of funny, because they couldn’t say with any certainty whether we were going to get snow or just rain – and they were so frustrated! But by last night, we knew it was going to hit – they were predicting 6-10 inches of snow – which, let me tell you, is unheard of around these parts. We haven’t had that much snow in 10 years. I don’t think we have 6 inches yet, but it’s still snowing.

I spent the morning playing with the dogs in the snow – I don’t know if all dogs love snow, but mine sure do –

I took dozens of pictures, but most looked more like this:

…because they wouldn’t stay put! Apparently while chasing each other around the yard is always fun, chasing each other in the snow is waaaaaay fun. They are too much fun to watch – one of the true joys of snowfall!

The snow last night made me itchy to cast on a new project – not like I don’t have enough already. My first attempt were some Mitered Mittens (Ravelry link) – the may pattern from EZ’s Knitters Almanac. Not so good – I didn’t swatch – just cast on with some Wool-Ease I had laying around the house, then started the stripes with some random Wool of the Andes. Not only were they huuuuuge (they totally would have fit Sasquatch), the WotA is evidently a bit lighter than Wool-Ease. Who knew? So I frogged those, and started a lace hat (Ravelry link) from the Holiday 07 Knit Simple in the Wool-Ease.

Not much to look at so far, but I’ve actually worked a little beyond this now. I’m really enjoying this pattern – the lace pattern is totally simple – I had it memorized before I got to the end of the first round, and out of four rows, only one is patterned. Plus, the ribbing is twisted rib, which I’ve never used before, and I’m now totally in love with. My 1×1 ribbing always looks a little wonky and sloppy for some reason – but this twisted rib looks nice and crisp. I may sub it for 1×1 from here on out!

I guess I should have known I wasn’t done with hats – hopefully I can get this one finished while it’s still cold!

We are supposed to go to a birthday party tonight, but don’t know if we will make it out – depends on how the road conditions are. While I really want to go to the party, I have to say sitting home and knitting and maybe watching a movie doesn’t sound too awful, either!

Speaking of movies, I caught part of Grease 2 on Bravo today. I have no idea why, but I LOVED this movie when I was a kid. Way better than the first Grease. And I had a monstrous crush on Maxwell Caulfield. Anyway, I hadn’t seen it in years, so I decided to watch a bit. I checked in on it occasionally, between checking email, letting the dogs out, etc. And let me tell you, this movie is bad. I knew it wasn’t a good movie, but jeez. Memory is way kinder than reality! But, I have to say, it’s that good kind of bad – I totally enjoyed it and kind of revelled in its badness. The cheesy songs, the bad acting, the terrible dialogue – you just have to give over to it and enjoy the ride.

One more thing – I’m so glad daylight savings time ends this weekend! I hate it getting dark so early – I don’t usually get home before six, and in the winter, it’s already dark by then. I’d much rather walk the dogs in the light, thank you very much! But this weekend, with the time change, we’ll have til about 7:30 – yay! Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead!

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2 Responses to “Snowed in!”

  1. Marmee Says:

    I love your blog! Your knitting is darling and I can’t wait to see what you do next!!

  2. Deedee Says:

    Sigh…I miss those beautiful scenes of fresh snowfall, especially out there by Keeneland! Thank you for sharing the pics with us though. They bring back some wonderful memories!

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