I have no new knitting to report on – no new projects, no new FOs – all is (unsurprisingly) the same as it was when I posted yesterday


It was 64 degrees and sunny today!!! I may have not communicated this thus far, but I HATE winter. A lot. Despite my love for wearing handknit items – which can primarily only be worn in the winter – I despise the cold weather. I think it’s because in the winter, I’m pretty much never warm. Until I get in bed at night and turn the electric blanket on high (seriously, every night) I am cold from the minute I wake up until I get back in bed.

There are multiple factors at work here – one, our house is not super warm – we keep the thermostat set fairly low to save energy and to help lower our gas bill (our budget payment is already almost $100 a month) and the room we spend most of our time in, the den, is in an unheated addition. We have an open floor plan and use space heaters, so it’s not too bad, but it never gets much above about 67 degrees in there. My work is kind of cold, too – I use a space heater there as well, but it’s still sweater-and-Fetching type environment.

Plus, here is my own, totally non-scientific, medically based theory about why I’m so damn cold all the time. I think my internal thermostat is off. Here’s the thing – normal body temperature is what, 98.6? Mine is more like 96.8. So I’m already at a two degree disadvantage in the whole thing. Plus, I always have to convince doctors that when the thermometer reads what they thing is “normal,” I actually have a fever. I don’t know if this really has anything to do with why I’m cold all the time or not – but it kind of makes sense to me!

Anyway, temperature related rant to the side, it was a GORGEOUS day here – I thought it was going to rain all day, but it cleared up in the afternoon, and Bobby and I took the doggies for a walk in the arboretum. Apparently everyone in town had that idea because it was PACKED – but still lots of fun. The dogs loved it – I have no pics from today, but here’s a completely gratuitous adorable dog shot:

That’s the only shot I have on my computer of Petey and Ruby together! It’s from when Ruby tore her toenail off and had to wear a bandage for a few days. It’s funny, in this picture they look about the same size, but Petey is over twice Ruby’s size.

Wow, this was an awfully rambling, random post!

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