Hats and Hair and Sweaters

Look! An FO!

(excuse the bathroom shot – it was the only room in the house with good light!)

It’s the Last Minute Purled Beret (links to pattern pdf) from Knit and Tonic! The pattern suggests you turn it inside out so the reverse stockinette side shows, but I prefer the stockinette. As you recall, this is the second time I’ve knit this beret – my first attempt would have easily fit a watermelon. This one is still a tiny bit big, and it’s not as slouchy as I would like, but I think it still works – and I don’t want to knit it again!

Also, I’m quite pleased with how berets look on me these days – this past Wednesday I got my hair cut from shoulder length into the bob you see here, and I think berets set off the new haircut nicely! I got about six or seven inches cut off, I think. I go through this cycle every couple of years – I let my hair grow and grow and think, oooh, I’m gonna let it get really long, and then it gets to a certain point, it makes me crazy, and I get it all cut off. I think I’m just not meant to have long hair. I also got some bangs – not much, just some swoopy ones that you can’t see in the above photo.

And…I broke the yarn diet. I had been so good – I gave up yarn to save money for an upcoming vacation, but then Knitpicks posted their sale…and you can figure out the rest. But I was really good – I only got enough yarn to make a sweater – yes, a sweater!! I’ve been wanting to try one for a while, and I think I’ve found a good candidate. It’s from Classic Elite‘s webletter – the Duchess Raglan:

The construction is fairly simple – in the round (no seams!), raglan shaping (which I like – especially with the slip stitch detail here) and in a bulky yarn (should knit up fast). I went with Wool of the Andes Bulky in Mauve – it looks like it should knit up to the same gauge, and I like the color. And with shipping, only $21 for enough yarn for a sweater! I even got an extra ball, cause you never know. I guess I am going to make the second size – the measurements listed are for 32 1/2, then it jumps to 37 – I’ve a 34 inch bust. I guess I need to decide if I want 1 1/2 inches negative ease or 3 inches positive. Hmmm. May need to do some more research into this. I can’t imagine that I would wear the smallest – although my bust is fairly small, my shoulders are fairly broad. I will almost certainly have to add length, though – I’m 5’9 and long torsoed and nothing is ever long enough for me. So THAT’S what the extra ball will be for!

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One Response to “Hats and Hair and Sweaters”

  1. Deedee (Antevasin) Says:

    Ohhhh…I love your new “do” and you’re right, the beret looks great on you!!! I can’t hardly wait to see your new sweater…

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