Red is the color

Well, burgundy, anyway. More progress on the Shetland Triangle:

You can’t tell a whole lot about it from this photo, being that’s is lace and obviously unblocked, but I think this is going to be real purty. I just finished my fifth body repeat – got one whole repeat done today while we were watching Men in Black. Of course, the going will only get slower at this point, since it just keeps getting wider and wider, but I’m still enjoying the knit.

Also started this:

The Robin’s Egg Blue Hat from I Dream of Knitting – although mine is obviously not blue! I’m using a yarn that’s chunkier than what the pattern calls for (Encore Mega), so I decreased the cast on by 10 stitches, and made the flap ten stitches instead of twelve. I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one, so we’ll see how it turns out. I would probably be done already, since the yarn is so fat, but seed stitch takes me FOREVER, and I’m always slower with fat yarn and fat needles (these are size 10s). Given that it’s 60 degrees here today, I may not have much more time to wear it, so I should probably get on the stick!

Also, an FO:

My Cabled Scarf in Taos – this one was a long time coming. I blogged about this scarf’s long history here – but it is done at last! Even in time to wear it this winter! I do wish it were longer, but I like it all the same.

I finally got the new Interweave Knits this week – for some reason, my bookstore didn’t get it until a week late – and it was making me CRAZY. I was almost stalking our periodicals guy – asking him every day. He probably thinks I’m nuts – but it finally came in. I had purposefully not been opening the Knitting Daily emails that pertained to it, because I like to read and absorb the magazine in one sitting! I thought there were some very pretty patterns in this issue – particularly the Printed Silk Cardigan and the Sylph Cardigan – but I’m probably not likely to make anything from this issue. I’m just not up to sweaters yet – particularly super complicated ones like these. But I still love to look! I also love the galleries they’ve been doing on Knitting Daily – such a good idea. Were I ever to make one of these, those would be so helpful.

I also really liked the little short sleeved cardi on the back cover – that is something that I really would like to try to make – but apparently you can only get the pattern with the purchase of Forbidden yarn – but at $47 a skein, I can’t even afford one ball to get the pattern (much less however many it would take to make the pattern). I hope they make it available some other way – as a separate purchase, for example, because I really do like the sweater. Here’s hoping!

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