Beret redux, still questioning the Chevron Scarf, and a knitting book recommendation

Ruby, when I told her I was thinking about making a doggie shrug for her to wear:

Really?  A doggie shrug?  Well, if I have to…

I finished my Last Minute Purled Beret from Knit & Tonic – I hadn’t even blogged about this, it was such a quick knit.  Just as well, because the thing was frickin’ huge.  I swatched on the size needles the pattern called for, and didn’t get gauge, so I went up a needles size without swatching again – big mistake.  I guess I was in denial the whole time I was knitting it, because it was pretty painfully obvious when I started doing the decreases that it was not going to work.  I was so disgusted, I frogged the thing before taking any pictures – which is too bad, because it looked pretty funny on.

But I have restarted:

And will hopefully have better luck this time.

And a picture of the Chevron Scarf I am all ambivalent about:

I just don’t know about this one.  I’m going to several more rows at some point and make up my mind.

I got a few knitting galleys a while back at work – pretty cool on the one hand, because hey, free knitting books, but really they are just a big tease, because all the photos are black and white (galleys are basically just a xerox copy of a manuscript) and grainy and you totally can’t tell anything about the projects in them.  But they are nice to take home and look through to help decided which books you might want to buy.  One that is definitely in that category is The Knitter’s Book of Yarn.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, pick it up.  It tells all about different kinds of yarn – where they come from, how they are spun and plied, what projects they are good for – plus there are like 40 different patterns in the books.  By some seriously cool folks, like Norah Gaughan (designer of the Tilted Duster) sock designer extraordinaire Cat Bordhi (although her pattern is a bag), Teva Durham of Loop-d-Loop,  Adrian Bizilia of Hello Yarn (designer of the Irish Hiking Scarf, We Call Them Pirates, Squirrel and Oak Mittens and lots of other way cool and way ubiquitous patterns), and lots others.  Seriously, it’s like an all-star cast.  Checking out the patterns on Ravelry, what jumps out first are the Princess Mitts by Jennifer Hagan (you know how I love those fingerless mittens), Amy King’s Gurnsey socks, and the Cabled Swing Cardi by the aforementioned Nora Gaughan – I’m sure there would be more, but there aren’t pics of all the projects on Ravelry yet, and I don’t have the book in front of me – plus, as I said, you can’t tell a whole lot from the pictures!

Between the great patterns and the fact that it is chock full of info about yarn, I would totally recommend buying this book, as I will be!

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One Response to “Beret redux, still questioning the Chevron Scarf, and a knitting book recommendation”

  1. milmom Says:

    Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. I checked your links, and I love the Tilted Duster! Some of your links I couldn’t go to as I am still patiently awaiting my Ravelry invite. Looks like I’m now # 3876 in line. I am a terrible knitting book junkie; I can’t walk into Barnes and Noble without leaving with a knitting book. I tell myself I’ll get to all of the patterns one day.

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