Dogs in clothes – bad thing or good thing? Plus, cabling without a cable needle is totally not all that hard.

So I don’t generally approve of people clothing their pets.  Yes, some dogs need a little extra warmth, and that’s fine, but putting bulldogs in party dresses a la Tori Spelling is a little much, I think.  But whatever, you know – to each his own.  If your dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes, and you get a kick out of it, then have at it, I say.

And then I saw Cables & Bits by Sarah Wilson in the Winter Knitty (do yourself a favor – click on the link, because the pics are just adorable).  It is sooooo cute – a doggy shrug!  It just makes me want to squee.  Part of it is the little ball of puppy fluff they’ve got modeling it – she just looks so happy!  I have no idea if Ruby would wear clothes or not – but I think we may find out!

Also, I got the new Knitpicks catalog yesterday – I LOVE it when the new catalog comes in – I save it up to linger over it.  This is a really good one, too – no new yarn, but a couple of free projects – including a really cute cabled hat that I am totally going to make, as well as a really excellent tutorial on cabling without a cable needle.  I had been wanting to learn to do this for a while, and had been trying another method that has a whole extra step beyond what is in the Knitpicks tutorial.  Nervous knitters beware – this process does involve just letting stitches hang in the air after pulling them off your needle – this made me pretty jumpy at first, but I’m using a pretty fuzzy wool in this project, and those stitches aren’t going anywhere.  Now that I can do this, I’m totally going back to Koolhaas, which I completely abandoned after one row of picking up that cable needle every other stitch:

…as you can see.

Finally, I read a fabulous book this week – The Sister by Poppy Adams – it doesn’t come out until April (part of the advantage of working in bookstore – pre-pub galleys!), but check it out when it does.  I would describe it as a combination of two books with Castle in the title – We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson and I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (two books I also highly recommend).  Two sisters, one crumbling Victorian castle, family drama and major creepiness.  I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. to finish it because I could not put it down.  Plus, you will learn more than you thought possible about moths.  Trust me on this one – it’s a gooder, as my husband says.

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2 Responses to “Dogs in clothes – bad thing or good thing? Plus, cabling without a cable needle is totally not all that hard.”

  1. milmom Says:

    Oh, uh uh, I have to make one for my daughter’s dog now. She will get a big kick out of it. HE might mind a bit, but he’s a dog, so who cares?

  2. Deedee Says:

    That was too funny! I thought the little furball looked more like his ‘arms’ were stuck so he was just humoring his captor. LOL Wonder what my kitty would think of that? Maybe that’s why he tries to gnaw my yarn in half…yeah, that’s it! He thinks I’m making him a shrug!!!
    I love to read (was at Jo Beth’s at least once a week)so I will definitely watch for The Sister…thanks for the heads-up!

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