Almost done with Quant – and just in time, some pictures!

This picture is kind of terrible – I’m not that great of a photographer, our camera kind of sucks, the natural light in our house is really bad, and I was too cold to go outside. But here is a cool closeup:

This has really been a fun project – I’m almost done – just have to finish the rest of the i-cord strap. I used mightbekatrina’s (Ravelry username) modifications to make the ends match up – as written, the finished project has very different looking ends. I kept telling myself that it didn’t matter, since the ends would be under my hair, but I was very glad to see mods posted on mightbekatrina’s project page on Ravelry (I would link to her page, but Ravelry seems to be down for maintenance at the moment) – so thank you very much for sharing!

I also took this out to take some new perhaps not quite so sucky photographs:

My Melon Scarf from Victorian Lace Today – and realized I hadn’t touched it in months. I LOVE this scarf, but it’s a little tedious. But I’m busting it back out today – it’s going to be my football knitting!


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