Oh, dear.

How embarrassing.  Three and a half months since I’ve blogged.

To be honest, I’m not at all surprised – this is the very reason I’ve avoided starting a blog – because I know me, and how I can get fired up about something, then basically forget it completely after a while.  Like blogging!

So I won’t make any rash promises about blogging every day (yeah right) or even once a week (probably not) but try to do better.

So, since I last wrote, I’ve been to England:

Canterbury Cathedral

Finished some UFOs:


(There are two in that picture – Branching Out and Le Slouch),

Plus Fetching,

Le Slouch II
And another Le Slouch,

and of course, started some new projects:


That’s the only one I have a photo of so far (it’s a generic pair of mittens) – I’m also working on the Palindrome scarf, a cabled hat, Koolhaas  (from the winter IK), and of course other random assorted UFOs.

And you know, y’all, Christmas is coming and I don’t think I’m knitting a single gift.  I don’t want to stress over it.  I work in retail – that’s stressful enough.  I knit to relax – I don’t want that to become stressful, too.  Although to be completely accurate, I am knitting one gift – a hat for my friend Charlie, who recently sent me a whole stack of knitting books – but that’s unrelated to Christmas – it’s just a “You are totally awesome, thank you so much” gift.  Oh, and I am making a hat for my niece for Christmas, which I better get back on.  So, ok, not MUCH Christmas knitting!

If I don’t blog before the New Year (which I will try to!) my next post will be my 2007 reading wrap up.  I’ve copied my husband this year – for the past several years he has kept what he calls a “reading log” – basically just a list of all the books he reads in a given year, along with when he finished them.  Well, I did the same thing this year, and I’ll share that list, along with my favorites from it.  I’ll let you know right now, it’s long – I read fast and I read a lot!

P.S.  One last note – I find it slightly ironic that the only words WordPress’ spell checker picked up on when I just ran it were “blog” and “blogging!”

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