Well, Franklin and the Harlot are showing off their unfinished objects today, so I’m going to be a total bandwagon-jumper type person and do the same. I don’t know that mine are as exciting as theirs, but here we go:

It’s the Melon Scarf from the absolutely scrumptious book Victorian Lace Today, knit in some really lovely hand-dyed merino from Rebelle. It might as well live in that La-Z-Boy for all the work I’ve done on it lately. There’s really no particular reason it’s languishing other than I can’t seem to get motivated to knit a scarf when it’s freakin’ ninety thousand degrees outside.

Number two:

This is the Chocolate Creme Top from Knitting Lingerie Style another fabulous book. It’s in that wonderwool, Cascade 220. You can see from this picture that it is completely knit and only lacks finishing – but oh, how I hate seaming and even more do I hate picking up and knitting, which I need to do with the neckline and armholes. It’s embarrassing how close this is to being done, really.

Number three:

The wonderful Jaywalkers – I love this pattern, but I already know they won’t fit me – the tops are too tight. So I can’t get motivated to finish them. I guess I could give them as a gift. But they will always hold a place in my heart as my first (semi)successful sock attempt.

And four:

Le Slouch – in practically-edible-it’s-so-yummy Malabrigo. But – seed stitch. Ack.  And again, million degree weather.

One more:

My sad, sad Dappled Lace Cafe Curtain, murdered in cold blood by this little girl:

Ignore that “Who, me?” look and her general adorableness – had you seen the carnage, you would be aghast.

Those are all the unfinished items that haven’t been recently discussed (i.e., Branching Out, Waving Lace Socks) that I have photos of. There are some others lurking about that shan’t be discussed.

And does this stop me from casting on new projects?  Of course not.  Or from buying more yarn?  Never!

One Response to “UFOs”

  1. toya Says:

    i hope you find the time to get some of your UFO’s done, I love the melon scarf

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