More detail than you probably wanted about socks and scarves

Firstly, a much better picture of the Waving Lace Socks:

It’s artsy cause it’s in some plants! Seriously, I have no idea what these are – we have them in our front and back yard – they came with the house. Most of the year, they just look like clumps of long, fat grass, then at the end of the summer, they sprout these pretty lavender-esque stalks. Then they get all crispy and die and come back next year.

And, I have to show a closeup of the gusset, because I’m so proud of it:

I really, really hate picking up stitches – and til now, I wasn’t very good at it. But I think I did a pretty good job on this one! I’m really enjoying this pattern – it’s good for a newbie sock knitter, I think – the lace is a 20-row repeat, but it’s very intuitive and not hard at all to follow. I think I mentioned before that this pattern is from Favorite Socks – love this book. Most of the patterns are new to me (many appeared previously in Interweave Knits magazine) since I haven’t been knitting all that long, and there are lots of different options – toe up, top down, 5 needles, 2 circs, lace, plain – you name it. I get all kinds of inspired looking at it. I think next will be the Merino Lace socks.

Next up – Branching Out, version 2.0. Why the second iteration? Well, check out this photo:

Looks good, right? Nice, fuzzy, pink scarf. WRONG. Scratchy, sneezy, squeaky pink scarf. This was one of my very first lace projects, and also before I pretty much started using exclusively natural fibers. I picked some “mohair” type yarn (a yarn that shall remain nameless) to knit this with. I worked on it for a while, then got distracted and set it aside. Some months later I picked it back up – and could not STAND the yarn. I tried to knit one row and it made my teeth hurt.

So today, I went to my LYS (Magpie Yarn – run by two lovely ladies named Diane and Jane – if you are in KY, you should go there!) and picked up a skein of green Silky Wool to try again. Here we are one repeat in:

I’ve used this yarn before, and I like it, I’m just not sure I love it with this pattern. The wool and silk take the dye differently, giving it a bit of a marled look, and I don’t know if that will be good for the lace pattern. At least for me – I know people make lace stuff from hand-dyed yarn all the time, but my own tastes are pretty simple. So we’ll see – but no matter what, it won’t be that ickified pink crap!

By the way, did anyone notice the mistake in the first version? Look here:

Not sure what I did there, but that would have made me absolutely nuts. So it’s just as well I didn’t finish it!

Finally, some eye candy – check out this gorgeous bag I also got at Magpie:

Cause you know, you need a tiny silk bag to carry your current sock in.

2 Responses to “More detail than you probably wanted about socks and scarves”

  1. Marcy Says:

    Those are grape hyacinths.

    And yes, “hurts my teeth” is exactly the phrase for those irritating synthetic yarns. Some synthetics are better than others, but the bad ones…. yeesh.

  2. hocage Says:

    Your Waving Lace Sock is coming along nicely. I hope you have as fun as I did knitting them. It seems we both started a site about the same time…
    Happy Blogging,

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