It’s feast or famine, people. No posts for two weeks, then two in as many days.

As promised, a shot of the Waving Lace sock:

I apologize for the craptacular pic – we don’t have a lot of light in our house, and it’s night, so dark and semi-blurry is what we got. I just finished the heel, next step is to turn it. That’s not my strongest suit at this point, so we will see how it goes. I was hoping to finish at least one of these by tomorrow night for a gift; obviously that is not going to happen. I figured if I got one done, I could wrap it up and let her know the other was on the way!

I like this pattern a lot – it’s lace without being overly complex and it has been a quick knit – I think I started them Sunday night.

I finished a wonderful book this weekend – I have to share. It is The Girls by Lori Lansens – recommended to me by my friend Meredith. She doesn’t usually steer me wrong, and this was no exception. Just a lovely, lovely book. It’s an autobiographical novel of two conjoined twins – and if that sounds odd or exploitative sounding, it is not. The writing is lovely, and the structure of the book is compelling – each sister takes turns telling their story, sometimes with completely different takes on events. One of my favorites so far this year.

Hey, how about a gratuitous adorable dog photo?

And another!

That’s the little terror that ate my knitting. But look at that face – how could I stay mad?

Stay tuned – if I can overcome the embarrassment, I’ll post a photo of my incredibly disorganized stash next time!

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