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So, I finished the very last Harry Potter a few days ago – so. perfect. Despite the expected tinge of sadness over it being the last one, I was fairly elated when I finished it. Really, she wrapped it up perfectly. I won’t go into details for those of you who haven’t read it, but really, I’m not sure if she could have ended it better. Yes, there were deaths – some more poignant than others, but deaths with meaning. And the resolution of one story line in particular – we’ll say for the character whose name rhymes with Drape – was most satisfying. I’m thinking about reading it all over again – the last two hundred pages in particular were so full of action and revealments that I really don’t think I got it all!

My husband and I were discussing the whole Harry Potter phenomenon recently, and wondering if there would ever be anything to equal it. I think not. Working at the party at my bookstore, I was struck (again) by the sheer incredibility of it all – all these thousands of people lining up – old and young – for a BOOK. Not for the i-phone, or to see a celebrity, but for a book. Being in line with those kids, and watching the joy on their faces as they received their book – trust me, any cynicism subsides. It’s pretty amazing, and an experience I’m glad to have been a part of.

Not much news on the knitting front – I’ve started KnitPicks Dappled Lace Cafe Curtain:

And as you can see, I’ve not gotten very far (although I am about four rows past what is pictured). I’m using the recommended yarn – KnitPicks Shine Sport, in the same color, even – it matches the room the curtain is intended for. The only change I’ve made is to go up a needle size from what is recommended – I’m a very tight knitter and generally have to do that. The pattern is simple – although I managed to insert an extra stitch at the end of a row somehow.

I’ve managed to contract startitis – I was doing pretty well for a while, not letting myself start new projects, but all of a sudden I keep getting distracted by other projects. I don’t know why I haven’t finished my Chocolate Creme top – I’m soooooo close. But then I start on that stockinette and do two rows before I get bored. One of these days…

Next weekend I’m going to Nashville with my two girlfriends – we take a long weekend trip every spring or summer, and Nashville is this year’s winner. We have previously gone to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and D.C. It’s scandalously fun:

This is us in D.C. at an 80’s bar – a night of much imbibing. I think this photo was taken fairly early in the evening. We all look a little too bright eyed for it to be too late! This is a tradition I’m so glad we have carried on – I hope we do for the rest of our lives. It’s so fun to get away with the girls and gossip and shop and sightsee and yes, drink a little. I’m lucky enough to live in the same city with these awesome gals, so I see them pretty regularly, but it’s still great to get away. The one on the right is the one who is finally granting my lifelong dream to be a bridesmaid!

And planning for England continues – I’ve checked out Pauline Frommer‘s London guide from work, and I think it’s going to be extremely helpful. She’s got some great ideas to help cut costs, and notes some attractions that you might not necessarily think of. I picked that one because I met her at this years Bluegrass Festival of Books – she is super-sweet and her books sound just like her. It’s like having one of your (extremely well-traveled) girlfriends give you travel tips. So I highly recommend them – if you are going to one of the cities she’s got a guidebook for (they are listed on the website), get one!

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