Rule Brittania!

I’m going to England, people!

In just six short weeks I’ll be in the UK – I can’t wait!  This will be our second trip – we went two years ago for the first time and it was wonderful.  This trip will be great because we won’t have to rush around quite so much and be in such a huge hurry to see everything.

It came together pretty quickly – my husband and I have been trying to decide what to do for our vacation for weeks now, and England just kept coming up.  It wouldn’t even be an option if we didn’t have tons of hotel points and could stay for free.

Now it’s time to start planning – that’s almost as much fun as going!  Picking out all the stuff we want to see, places we want to eat, etc.  Some things that are definitely on the list:

1.  More museums.  We only went to the Tate Britain last time (I wanted to see the Pre-Raphaelites).  The British Museum, the National Gallery, Tate Modern – some or all of these!
2.  Sir John Soane’s museum, particularly – I’ve heard nothing but cool stuff about this place.

3.  Hyde Park – we went there before, of course, but it is beautiful and I want to go back.

4.  Dickens house – I’m a fan.

There’s more I can’t think of right now, but I’ll be hitting the travel books and asking for suggestions, too.

What should I take to knit?

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