Well, now.

A blog. How ’bout that. We’ll see how this goes. This will be bare bones for a while, at least until I learn how to do some stuff. And figure out what I want to write about.

How about some dog pictures?

This is Petey. He’s a hundred pound Rottweiler- German Shepherd mix. He is the best dog ever in the history of ever.

And this is Ruby. Also a Rottie-GSD mix, with perhaps a little chow thrown in for good measure. My husband and I are fostering her for one of our local humane societies. She’s about half Petey’s size.

Now some knitting?

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

A sock! A Jaywalker (designed by Grumperina , to be precise). This is probably my fifth attempt at knitting socks, and for some reason, this one clicked. I had a lot of trouble with the dpns before, but that’s going better (the wooden needles help a lot), plus the pattern is great. Very clear and easy to follow, and great for a novice sock knitter. Thanks, Grumperina!


A Chocolate Creme Top, from Knitting Lingerie Style, by Joan McGowan-Michael. It’s thisclose to being done – I just have to finish the straps on the back and then seam and pick up and knit around the neck and armholes. But I’ve been seduced away by sock knitting…(see above).

And, what I’m reading – currently The Shadow in the North, the second in the Sally Lockhart series by Philip Pullman. Sparked by seeing a preview for The Golden Compass, one of my favorite books. Normally, I’m not too excited about film adaptations of my favorite books, but this one looks. freaking. awesome. Inspired casting – Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter? Perfect. Sam Elliot as Lee Scoresby? Even better. So let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s a good one and not another Chronicles of Narnia – yech.

All right, I think that may be enough for now. My first blog entry – woot!

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